Taking care of your investment


The thing about Oriental rugs is that they are sometimes a huge money pit. Not only are they often expensive to buy, but keeping them clean is also quite pricey. The only other alternative is to keep them from their functionality so they get dirty less often, but even then they could use a clean every once in awhile. Furthermore, we are a group of rug enthusiasts that believe Oriental and area rugs were meant to be enjoyed.

Think of how much better it is to have a rug that you can actually step on, feel, appreciate, without having to worry about how much it costs to clean. Over 20 years ago, we started our company with this vision in mind, to offer cheap area rug cleaning services at a fraction of the price of the other companies in the area.

The big payoff

If we had a nickel for every customer that was astounded at our prices, we would not even need to stay open. We use the latest in high tech equipment to clean area rugs and show the world that maintaining your rug does not have to be expensive, and it does not need to be a chore.

We built this company on taking care of our fellow rug collector, and that is exactly what we have been doing ever since. Join us in the incentive to show people that owning an Oriental or fancy area rug does not have to be expensive or any sort of hassle.

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